You only need 4 minutes a day to lose weight with the Tabata method


High-intensity interval training or HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is not a fashion that has just emerged to burn fat quickly, scientist Izumi Tabata was already experimenting with them in 1996. HIITs mean alternating short periods of exercise intensity with also short breaks.

What benefits does this type of training have?

Well, you will improve your cardiovascular and muscular endurance and burn more calories as it speeds up the metabolism (even hours after exercising when you are already at rest). It is very fast and effective, but do not trust, it is intense and requires effort even if it is concentrated in a very short time.

Other benefits of the protocol would be muscle toning and that favors the hormonal response of the body, decreasing the release of cortisol (the stress hormone).

What is the Tabata method?

You choose an exercise (squats, burpees, push-ups …) and you would do it for 20 seconds with as many repetitions as possible. You would take a break of 10 seconds and continue with 7 more sets of exercises.

In just 4 minutes you would have done an intense and effective training since you do exercises that do not involve a single muscle group such as push-ups, strides, squats or dominated.

The Tabata method achieves great results using a short time, with a lower risk of injury and without overloading the muscles.

You must know before practicing your Tabata training …

It is recommended that you do not perform daily training given its intensity, do it as a complement to your routine once or twice a week. If you are going to combine your usual routine with Tabata one day, leave this intense training to the end as it is very demanding.

If you are going to exercise with weight, use 50% or 75% of the load you usually use in your training and do not release it during breaks.

An example of Tabata training

You would choose an exercise, for example, you would start jumping rope intensively (or doing sprints) for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds.

Then you could do a series of squats and you would do 20 intensive seconds and then rest 10 seconds.

It is important to perform the exercise correctly. Stand up with your feet shoulder-width apart and lift your arms forward, leaving them parallel with the ground. Bend your knees as if you were going to sit in a chair without your knee ever exceeding the toes.

Then perform Sit Ups (abdominal), 20 seconds of abdominals in intensive mode and rest of 10 seconds. By now you should feel quite fatigued.

Continue with Push-Up (push-ups) . Perform all possible repetitions of push-ups for 20 seconds and rest 10 seconds.

Turn of the lunges or strides, you can add load to intensify the exercise.

To perform this exercise, stand up and stride forward without the knee that you are passing over the foot. The other knee would be flexed almost touching the ground. Remember to perform the exercise for 20 seconds and rest 10.

We continue with the buttock bridge. Lying on your back, bend your legs and rest your feet on the floor separating them from shoulder width. Contract your buttocks well and raise your pelvis as much as you can while also contracting your thighs. Lower the pelvis again but without touching the ground to do quick repetitions.

The jump squat or Jump Squat is a variant of the squat. With your feet separated from the width of your hips, jump as high as you can by stretching your legs by moving your arms parallel to the body backward. Upon landing, perform a squat with your arms folded forward. Do all the quick reps you can in 20 seconds and rest 10.

It ends with a bicep curl . Standing with the weights in your hands, your arms relaxed and your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees slightly and bend forward with your back straight, bringing your hips back. Without touching the ground, begin to get up, bend your elbows, carrying the weights on your shoulders when standing up. Do repetitions for 20 seconds and rest, you would have finished your intensive training . Here you would have a complete Tabata routine of only 4 minutes but you can combine it with other exercises, loads, etc … to work more muscle groups. Do you dare to try the Tabata method? You can practice it almost anywhere, it is only 4 minutes and, although it requires effort, the results are incredible.