These are the toxic substances that you may be producing when cooking


Not only is it important to have a healthy diet and with good quality ingredients, but also your way of cooking food will be decisive in your diet because you could be adding harmful components to your body without being aware of it. These are some of the toxic substances that you could be generating when cooking.


Perhaps the most famous for its proven carcinogenic effect in animals and because there are several studies in humans that relate acrylamide to ovarian, esophageal or lymphoma cancer. It is a neurotoxic substance, according to the WHO, which from certain doses attacks the nervous system and can also affect fertility and the immune system, in addition to raising cholesterol levels.

This chemical is released in those foods that contain starch naturally, such as bread, pasta, rice or potatoes, which are subjected to high-temperature cooking processes). To avoid excessive exposure to acrylamide opt for cooking at low temperatures , steam or oven and avoid frying.


Or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that can alter DNA thus increasing the risk of cancer. These harmful substances are formed when food is burned when cooked as it can happen in grilled preparations or on barbecues. Smoked foods would also be compromised. Limit this type of elaboration to avoid ingesting this toxic and carcinogenic substance.


Heterocyclic amines have also been linked to cancer and, like PAHs, are formed when proteins are exposed to high temperatures, grilled or grilled . They are also mutagenic, that is, they can cause changes in the DNA causing cancer mutations in the cells.

To counteract the effect of amines and help curb their harmful action, the fatty acids established are the best option. Omega 3, vitamin A or chlorophyll are elements that combat this harmful process of amines in the body , so it is advisable to accompany grilled meats and fish, roasted or grilled foods such as tomatoes, carrots or lettuce.


Exposure to this toxic substance not only exists when we breathe cigarette smoke or exhaust gases, you can also create this harmful component in your kitchen yourself. How? Well, very easy, letting the oil or fat you use to prepare your food burn and start to smoke . It can irritate the respiratory tract and prolonged exposure would seriously affect lung health.

To avoid the problem of acrolein you can opt for oils or fats stable at high temperatures (with a high smoke point) such as coconut oil or EVOO.

In addition to taking care of your diet you should keep in mind that your way of cooking directly affects the ingredients you are going to eat and, consequently, your health. Avoid fried foods and cook at high temperatures, minimize barbecues and grilled preparations and choose to cook with stable oils at low temperatures so as not to release harmful substances. So important is the what (you eat) as the how (you cook it) in this case.