These are the best fat burning foods according to nutritionists


Who is not granted whims on vacation? Family gatherings, dinners with friends, barbecues, terrace, late ice cream, visits to the beach bar, the dolce far niente … Even if you have brought back a few extra kilos this summer, we tell you what are the best fat-burning foods, according to nutritionists, to include in your weight loss diet.


It is reputed to be one of the healthiest fruits. It is very low in calories and a natural ‘grease’ that has resulted in sentences such as an apple a day away from the doctor of your life.

According to Leticia Carrera, biochemist, and master in nutrition, “the skin of the apple has pectin, a natural fiber with great satiating effect, which is used as a thickener and helps delay the digestion of sugars, lower LDL cholesterol, and Ursolic acid helps prevent weight gain. ” This statement implies that, from now on, we wash the apple very well to eat it with the skin to take advantage of the properties of pectin.


One of our favorite foods in the category of healthy fats is nuts. Its high fiber content makes them satiating and its omega 3 fatty acids help reduce cholesterol levels.

According to nutrition expert, Itziar Digón says that “nuts such as nuts, although they are not fat-burning foods as such, do provide us with good fats in such a way that they block the bad ones ”. Do not forget to take a handful of nuts a day to benefit from its healthy properties.


Chilli peppers, chili peppers and spicy in general are one of the fat-burning thermogenic foods recommended by nutritionists. Leticia Carrera proposes “to dress your dishes with some chili or spicy, rich in capsaicin that facilitates the destruction of fat cells in addition to accelerating the metabolism and adding radishes to your salads for their minimal caloric intake.”

As explained by Dr. Mar Mira of the Mira + Cueto Clinic, “The spicy ones, in no case, take them and lose weight but can help indirectly. What they do produce is the following: ingesting them, by increasing our body temperature we spend energy and, therefore, calories. 

In addition to being rich in vitamin C, chili facilitates fat burning and, being thermogenic, increases body temperature by accelerating metabolism, so if you have not given up on the benefits of spicy food, it is a good time to start but with moderation!


As explained by nutrition expert Gema Cabañero, the best trick to help burn fat is “reduce arachidonic acid, a phospholipid that is part of cell membranes that becomes excessively toxic causing inflammation.” To minimize this acid Cabañero recommends “ prioritize the consumption of omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids ingesting fish such as sardines, herring or cod because they have the ability to dissolve fat cells or arachidonic acid encapsulated by them

Vegetable soup

If it is not already, it will be in a short time when you feel like a comforting warm broth and surely you feel more like it when you know that Leticia Carrera affirms that “the consomés of hot vegetables are satiating, low in calories and accelerate the loss of fat ” .

You can prepare a vegetable broth (or miso soup) to take throughout the day, as a complement to the main meals or to take it between meals without risk to succumb to other unhealthy temptations of pecking.

Follow a balanced diet, exercise, drink plenty of water, control the calories you eat and, according to experts, do not forget to include these foods in your menus if you want to burn fat faster. Happy rentrée!