These are the reasons why you should rest from the gym


The importance of rest in any fitness routine is directly proportional to the time you spend on such physical activity. In fact, rest is what prevents injuries, improves performance and makes you feel good about your routine.

Every effort needs recovery. “If we do not respect it, the benefits that sport brings are no longer present and training loses its main objective: to improve health and well-being,” says María Samoshenkova, director of Trib3 Spain.

Take a well-deserved rest

It is important to replenish the energy consumed, especially “recharge” the essential glycogen stores in bodybuilding work.

“After intense training, muscle fibers deteriorate and suffer micro-tears. Only rest and a good dose of protein achieve the repair of these tissues, favoring their growth,” notes Samoshenkova. Do not forget that the muscles “grow ”When they are in a state of rest after the effort.

The idea therefore is to rest at least one or two days a week and these days you can take an active break, that is, you can do activities that keep you fit but do not involve effort such as walking.

Another reason to rest from sports is that it is the best way to prevent overload, exhaustion, and injuries. If you feel cramping, fatigue, contractures or weakness, you may not have recovered enough, according to the expert.

Likewise, training seven days a week leads to stagnation. Samoshenkova states that “without the essential rest after training, it is not possible to improve performance or overcome one’s own marks since the body becomes accustomed to physical and mental exhaustion and exhaustion, it does not take long to appear.”