New to the gym? Sign up for the successful Ice Cream for beginners routine


If you just joined the gym and / or have decided to train from scratch and you have no idea where to start, do not hesitate, Ice Cream beginner training is going to be your perfect routine to lose weight, tone and define quickly and shape simple. For the first time, you will lose kilos with the ‘ice cream’!

Jason Blaha has developed a beginner training plan that has entered through the big door in the fitness universe. His followers love him and see results quickly with this routine that does not need to have an advanced level of exercise practice.

The Ice Cream 5×5 routine created by Blaha is designed for beginners, is the same for women as for men and is full body or full body. You will only need to train 3 days per week and you will need in the original routine: weights, elastic bands, and an EZ bar. But if you want to do it at home in a light version, you will have enough dumbbells.

The Blaha protocol would be configured as follows:



  1. DAY 1: Exercise routine A
  2. DAY 2: Rest
  3. DAY 3: Routine B
  4. DAY 4: Rest
  5. DAY 5: Routine A
  6. DAYS 6 and 7: Rest



  1. DAY 1: Exercise routine B
  2. DAY 2: Rest
  3. DAY 3: Routine A
  4. DAY 4: Rest
  5. DAY 5: Routine B
  6. DAYS 6 AND 7: Rest

What would exercise routine A be like?

Routine exercises A

  • Squats (5 sets and 5 reps)
  • Flat bench press (5×5)
  • Horizontal rowing with bar (5×5)
  • Shoulder shrugs with bar (3×8)
  • French Tricep Press (3×8)
  • Bicep curl with bar (3×8)
  • Lumbar hyperextensions (2×10)
  • Shrugging abdomen with high pulley (3×10)

Quiet that now we will explain everything.

What would exercise routine B be like?

Routine Exercises B

  • Squats (5×5)
  • Deadweight (1×5)
  • Standing shoulder press with bar (5×5)
  • Horizontal rowing with bar (5×5)
  • Flat bench press, closed grip (3×8)
  • Bicep curl with bar (3×8)
  • Abdominal condiments with high pulley (3×10)

You have already learned how to do squats correctly so we will explain the rest of the exercises and we will do it in a simple way and without too heavy loads. Dumbbells and elastic bands will help you to start and combine and replace them whenever you feel necessary.

Flat bench press

If you are in the gym great but if you do not have a bank, you can do it with a chair or lying on the floor. Being a beginner use your dumbbells or a bar . When you are taking bottom you can already gain weight both in the gym and at home.

Horizontal rowing with bar

Tilt the trunk forward and bend your knees slightly. Take your weights to your chest and perform all the repetitions of the routine in a slow and controlled way.

Shoulder shrug with bar

Look at the image below, you just have to shrug your shoulders with the weights or dumbbells in your hands.

Tricep Press

On the gym bench or lying on the floor reach your weights towards the ceiling stretching your arms and then towards your head, working the triceps.

Bicep Curl

Try this exercise to strengthen biceps by stride or funge and with dumbbells or elastic bands.

Lumbar hyperextensions

To make them at home you can lie on the floor upside down and lift your legs together upwards like the head and arms. Stretch as much as you can

If you do them in the gym, sit on the bench and making sure your legs bend the trunk as much as you can and return to the table position.

Abdominal shrinkage

Although in the original routine you would need a pulley (as shown in the image below), to be able to perform the exercise at home it is enough that you do abdominals enduring the work in the abdomen. Make the whole series.


Lift your weights from the ground slowly and controlling the movement, lower them again bringing the hip back.

Standing shoulder press with bar

Take your weight, dumbbell or barbell with both hands and lift it above your head by stretching both arms.

If you are in the gym you can perform the original exercises thanks to the bench, the weights, the bar and the pulleys but as you will see it is easily adaptable to an exercise routine at home. Do you dare with the Ice Cream routine?