How to choose a healthy chocolate : tricks not to fail


There are no reasons why we have to give up chocolate. Forget about myths such as getting fat or causing acne. If we know how to choose healthy chocolate, we will be benefiting from the properties of this food, which are not few.

Cocoa, which is the main ingredient with which chocolate is made, is one of the most potent antioxidants that exist. A property granted by the flavonols it contains. A recent study published by the Journal of the American College of Nutrition showed that this compound is also beneficial for our cardiovascular system, as it can help reduce LDL cholesterol and improve blood vessel function. In addition, because of the small amounts of caffeine, it contains, chocolate is also able to improve our cognitive function.

How to choose a healthy chocolate

Now, to enjoy these properties, we must know how to correctly choose a quality chocolate tablet. And we do not mean one of a high price, but the ingredients that form it. As nutritionist Carlos Ríos, creator of the Realfooding movement, explains, we should read the label before buying it to make sure that:

– It contains a percentage of cocoa equal to or greater than 70 %. In this way, the amount of sugar in chocolate becomes irrelevant since cocoa is higher.

– Do not have extra sweeteners: although sugar is present, we have already seen that it is not an important amount. Runaway from names like “fructose”, “dextrose”, “sucrose”, “corn syrup” and similar terminology, since it is nothing more than added and unnecessary sugar.

Once we have noticed this, the idea is to take a portion that does not exceed 30 – 40 grams of chocolate a day (one or two ounces, depending on the tablet). We can mix it at breakfast with yogurt, oatmeal, fruit or take it on the snack along with a handful of nuts, making it a sweet and healthy snack.