Why you must rescue this children’s game to incorporate it into your fitness routine


Jumping rope has been one of the funniest games of your childhood and you could spend hours and hours jumping with your rope when you were little. The time has come to recover that game and give your inner girl a whim while your adult self makes you be in top form by incorporating it into your exercise routine.

Taking a rope and jumping has already become a must in training routines such as Crossfit, boxing or HIIT. But what makes this childhood game an element that cannot be missed in any sports training? Pay attention to the benefits of the simple gesture of skipping rope.

It is not necessary to be Rocky Balboa

It is universal and democratic, anyone who is able to catch a rope and jump can practice this exercise. According to Nerea Rodríguez, Wellness Expert at the Barceló Portinatx hotel “ It is recommended for anyone since, despite not being a sport in itself, it is a very complete exercise that helps us improve our fitness, both in terms of resistance and of speed, coordination or power ”.

Another advantage is that, as with running, it is not necessary to join the gym to practice this exercise. You just need a jump rope and jump, you can do it virtually anywhere.

You work upper and lower train

It is a fun exercise that does not give as much laziness nor supposes as much effort as others so it can give you the feeling that you are not playing sports but playing. When jumping you tone the body and work the force on arms, legs and abdomen. Including the exercise in your usual training routine, you will get to burn calories while working on coordination, agility and endurance.

Improves breathing

When jumping you will be doing an aerobic exercise that will help you better control your breathing. You can include exercise in your warm-up routine. “You can start with a simple Tabata of four minutes of normal jumps (with your feet together): eight series of 20 seconds of work in which we are jumping, separated by breaks of 10 seconds in which we stop jumping,” suggests the expert .

A versatile exercise

You can perform many exercises with your rope. Simple, double jumps, crossing the rope, alternating the feet, jumping only with one foot, bringing the knees to the gluteus, to the chest … It will be almost impossible for you to get bored with your rope!

What do you need to know before you start skipping rope?

It is important to pay attention to the length of the rope, it has to be adjustable to be able to adjust it depending on the exercise you are going to perform and your height. “To know the right length, all you have to do is fold it in half, step on it in the middle with one of your feet and measure the ends with the rope stretched to approximately the armpits,” explains Nerea Rodríguez.

Keep your elbows bent and glued to the body. The movement has to originate in the wrists and not in the shoulders so that they do not overload them.

Push yourself from the toes and land on them, as if jumping on tiptoes but keeping your knees slightly bent so as not to damage them. Make soft jumps, without just taking off your feet from the ground. It is not necessary to jump very high, you will waste energy and you will be increasing the impact on the joints.

Try to keep your back straight at all times, your eyes straight ahead and your chest high, so you avoid rounding the dorsal area and overloading your back.

Do you dare to recover this fun game from your childhood? Your inner child will thank you for having fun and your body will feel lighter, toned and strengthened. All are advantages.