Can you burn fat just by doing weights?


Lifting weights is beautiful and also thin

In general, doing weights does not have a very good reputation among the females, since we immediately relate it to the masculine aesthetic and we mistakenly believe that we will end up marking veins and walking in the shape of a croissant. However, we found that weight training has more benefits than we imagine :

Reduces the production of cortisol, responsible for stress

It improves sleep. Since it increases the production of serotonin which, in turn, allows melatonin levels, the regulating hormone of the natural cycle of sleep and wakefulness, to be stimulated.

You become stronger and stronger

You suffer fewer injuries. Having strong joints, tendons and ligaments are essential to prevent pain and to improve athletic performance.

You reduce cardiovascular risks. It is recommended to lift weights at least twice a week. This lowers blood pressure and improves heart health.

Anaerobic work is also good for weight loss

Surely the perfect training depends on each person and their needs.

If we were to perform a specific fat loss routine, we might combine strength exercises with aerobic work. Now, can we lose fat by performing only the force part? The answer, according to Jorge Herranz, director of collective classes at the David Lloyd Aravaca center, is a resounding yes. As the expert explains, “strength work has great advantages at the level of caloric and fat consumption .” Apparently, it helps to generate muscle mass, which increases our basal metabolism (we consume more energy simply by being awake).

This point may be the key to any training routine. “Performing cardio exclusively, burns fat at the moment, but extends its effect very little throughout the day,” continues Herranz. On the contrary, weight training helps to maintain the basal metabolism, that is, the higher the metabolism, the more fats are burned.

In addition, strength exercises also cause caloric burning “at the moment.” In this regard, notes Herranz, “it is advisable to combine exercises with a lot of load and few repetitions (and longer breaks) with others in which we use less weight, more repetitions, and shorter breaks .” The idea is to work both metabolic stress (more similar to cardio weights) and mechanical (looking for that muscle mass gain).

In short, if we take care of food and combine different training techniques with loads, fat loss is guaranteed.