8 myths about fitness you should stop believing in


If we search for fitness advice, we find millions of doubts and questions that contain answers that we can consider from doubtful beliefs too much more convincing ones based on expert statements. There are many myths and beliefs that we have been acquiring about fitness and the impact that these really have on our bodies.

From the best times to train, eat or not to eat before or after playing sports, which foods are the best to burn fat, which ones we should avoid … These are just some examples of the most frequent questions we ask ourselves and that Google It shows but there are many more … Here are some of the most common false myths about fitness that you should discard now:

1. “The best time to exercise is first thing in the morning”

It is true that training early has some benefits. It is an injection of energy that allows us to have our mind much clearer to face the whole day, helps eliminate more fluids, improves our mood for the rest of the day thanks to the release of endorphins from the early morning and also, we will be able to create a training routine without unforeseen because all you have to do is overcome the laziness of getting out of bed. However, this is not a panacea, nor is it the best for everyone. Each body is a world and you must try different schedules to check which one is ideal for you. Perhaps you prefer to go at noon and pause your workday to de-stress and resume work with more strength after or even the last hour of the day is when you need it most to release all the anxiety and stress of the day. In short, “the best time to exercise is when it works for you.”

2. “Keep going until it hurts”

Sometimes they tell you: “If it hurts, you are doing well” and this has a dangerous side, which is to ignore the body signals that may be warning of a possible injury. “In principle, it doesn’t have to hurt anything. It may be that you have an injury or are performing the technique poorly and that you will eventually get injured, ”says Toni Albert, personal trainer, and physiotherapist. In summary, if an exercise is physically hurting you, stop doing it and change it or ask for advice from a professional, that of “no pain no gain”, has no basis.

3. “To lose weight you have to sweat”

Moving the body every day, in the way you want, is recommended. But doing resistance exercises all week is not necessary. Pilates instructor and movement specialist, Jared Kaplan, a NASM-certified personal trainer, states that “just as a strong body is created with hard workouts. If muscle fibers are constantly broken without recovery, you can also end up with an injury from working too much. The belief therefore that cardiovascular exercises help us burn more fat is not true, combining with weight exercises will be much more effective.

4. “Running slimming”

This is true when it comes to long distances in which the body already pulls fat stores. Otherwise, sugar is the first thing that burns because it is the fastest source of energy. For this reason, “it is better to walk fast for a long time so that the next fat burning circuit is activated”, highlights Mario Hervás, director of Trib3 Cuzco.

5. Doing this abdominal exercise will make you get a good “six-pack”.

“There is no evidence-based science that demonstrates that you can reduce body fat in a specific area by working the corresponding muscle groups there,” Kaplan adds. If you are really looking for marked abs, it is important to consider what you eat and other habits such as sleep or stress. The director of Trib3 emphasizes that “it is not even advisable to perform them every day because the muscle does not develop the same.

6. “You have to turn your lifestyle around to see real results”

We are bombarded with information and promises everywhere. Apps, miraculous programs, Instagram challenges … It seems that it is easy to get those results, but full time. This is not sustainable since when trying to change everything at once, in the end, you get burned and frustration comes. The best, according to experts, is to make small changes and in this way, you get a faster result. This creates a positive feedback loop that will motivate you to follow.

7. “With protein shakes you get stronger”

In the background, Hervás clarifies, “these protein shakes and supplements, is one more meal. It doesn’t give more or less muscle. ” Do not get carried away by the photo of the container with the classic “musculitos” associated with bodybuilding.

8. “If I drink a lot of water I retain liquids”

Nothing is further from reality. The more water we drink, the more it helps us to eliminate this excess subcutaneous water, which is what swells our abdomen, face …